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                     Maldives Complete is the comprehensive website for Maldives resorts.  

The most complete and useful site on the Maldives including a searchable database by characteristics, and profiles of both resorts and room types with useful photographs

I built this site out of frustration with the many incomplete and biased websites about this popular destination.  For many, a trip to the Maldives is a trip of a lifetime.  There are over a hundred resorts to choose from and yet most descriptions of each seem almost identical in their idyllic portraits of paradise.  Despite the fact that every island in the Maldives is indeed truly astounding, they each have many subtle and sometimes more pronounced differences.  With such a special occasion and often a sizable investment at stake, getting the island that most suits you is important.....

The Maldive Islands are a startlingly beautiful collection of over one thousand coral atolls in the Indian Ocean which epitomise exotic tropical paradise. 

Arguably the very best snorkeling in the world, it is also world famous for surfing and eco-sustainability.

Legendary among divers and honeymooners, they also make a superb destination for a family holiday treat.


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