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I built this site out of frustration with the many incomplete and biased websites about this popular destination.  For many, a trip to the Maldives is a trip of a lifetime.  There are over a hundred resorts to choose from and yet most descriptions of each seem almost identical in their idyllic portraits of paradise.  Despite the fact that every island in the Maldives is indeed truly astounding, they each have many subtle and sometimes more pronounced differences.  With such a special occasion and often a sizable investment at stake, getting the island that most suits you is important.

Many excellent web resources on the Maldives do exist, but they suffer from one or more of the following problems..

- Incomplete information
– Sites either don't have every single resort or they miss out key information.
- Bias – Many web sites exist to sell holidays and therefore include only or bias in favour of the resorts in their portfolio.
- Fluff – Many sites include so much fluff about how astonishingly wonderful the resorts are which doesn't help in choosing.

I actually have a number of other motivations (fun, curiosity, escapism, etc) that i have written about in a number of Maldives Complete blog posts titled "Why I Do It?".