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Bruce Lynn Maldives

Bruce Lynn is the founder, developer, editor and webmaster for Maldives Complete.  Bruce’s first job was working as an Overseas Correspondent researching and writing stories on contract to the Ministry of Tourism of the West African country, Togo.  His work earned ASTA travel award for the ‘Best Public Relations Campaign for a Destination’ as well as a commendation from the Togolese government.  His later career gravitated to high tech eventually holding number of senior marketing roles for Microsoft. 

Living in the UK, he discovered and fell in love with the Maldives on his first visit in 1998.  He and his family have visited now 73 resorts on 13 different visits - the highest in the world according to many industry experts.  A complete list of resorts personally visted can be found here.  For each visit he conducted extensive research on the features and distinctions of the many resorts on offer.  Over time, Bruce developed a reputation for the breadth and depth of his knowledge and people started coming to regularly for guidance and advice.  With his technical background, he to put together Maldives Complete in 2008 that would provide a platform that he could simply point these people to in order to help them.