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A technologist by trade, Bruce has used Maldives Complete as a way to experiment swith ome of the latest web technologies.  The site started very Microsoft-centric given his 15-year career there, but is increasingly moving to other domains.

Visual Studio 2008 Supports developers working on projects that target the Web (including ASP.NET AJAX), Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, the 2007 Microsoft Office system, SQL Server 2008, and Windows Mobile devices. Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft Expression

Builds on FrontPage 2003 technologies to provide new support for creating standards-based Web sites.

Virtual Earth An integrated set of Web-based services that enable developers to provide unique views of data and develop dynamic online experiences through maps and rich geospatial imagery.
Microsoft Deep Zoom Provides the ability to zoom almost arbitrarily large images in Silverlight in a performant manner. Images can be displayed at very small and very large scale without affecting performance of the application displaying the image. DeepZoom Composer

Also, a number of friends helped with the guidance and support on the project including the following as well as my son Chase who helped with lots of the data loading.

Mike Ormond Mike is s a developer evangelist with Microsoft in the UK and spends his time extolling the benefits of the Microsoft platform and ASP.NET in particular. When he’s not working he’s pottering around with his car, his allotment or his Xbox.

Mike Ormond Blog
Dave Sussman   Dave is a Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET, and a member of ASPInsiders, a body of industry experts who advise the ASP.NET development team on future products. He is a member of the INETA Speakers Bureau, and speaks regularly at conferences and user groups. Dave Sussmans Blog