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While we hope that Maldives Complete provides a comprehensive resource for your investigation into the Maldive islands, we do intend to keep improving the site and our wish list of enhancements planned are listed below for your interest. One of our aspirations is to have a complete photo profile on every resort.  If you have a picture of one of the .resorts where we are missing one of the standard shots in the Profile, then please share it wish us and we will credit you on the site on the picture. 

Enhancement plans...

Deep Zoom Map:   The current DeepZoom map of the Maldive atolls only features one third of the islands.  This middle third includes the majority of resorts, but in the near future we plan to add the other two-thirds of the islands.  We also plan to make the map interactive so (a) clicking on it will take you to island profiles and also (b) island profile will have an option to take you to the DeepZoom map

Rate Searches:   Presently, the Resort Search feature allows you to search for a resort on a number of criteria including cost.  But costs for resorts vary significantly depending on the time of year.  The next iteration will provide the ability to specify the date for which you want to choose a specific price range.  Right now, the search provides a 'representative' pricing for the lowest available package in the UK for the week of 15th February.

Maldives Complete is also open to suggestions and ideas for any improvements that you would like to see.  Please contact us at with your thoughts.