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Best of the Maldives: Private Jetty – Angsana Velavaru
Published 28 October 13 2:19 PM | Maldives Complete
  From longest day to longest private quai. One of our favourite parts of staying in a water villa is walking along the jetty to the room looking down in the shallows of the lagoon at the various marine life cavorting below. Velavaru extends that...
Best of the Maldives: Private Game Room – Huvafenfushi
Published 16 October 13 8:4 PM | Maldives Complete
Pools in the private back areas are more and more commonplace, but a pool table is quite unique. And there’s your own table tennis to boot. The CUBE room type at Huvafenfushi is like a home away from home with lots of amenities for entertaining...
Best of the Maldives: Hideaway TV – Baros
Published 23 September 13 7:57 AM | Maldives Complete
To TV, or not to TV…that is the question. The Emmy's last night celebrated the very best of television, and yet one of the great debates about Maldives holidays are whether ‘TVs’ are a good thing or not. Part of the allure to this...
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Best of the Maldives: Largest Water Villa – Soneva Gili
Published 21 June 13 8:44 PM | Maldives Complete
  The Summer Solstice brings us the sweet longest day of the year today. And in the Maldives, if not the world, the longest suite of all is the Gili Lankanfushi Private Reserve at a whopping 76 metres. The Private Reserve is also long on its own...
Best of the Maldives: Live Aboard Combo – Four Seasons Kuda Huraa / Landaa Giraavaru
Published 12 May 13 11:46 AM | Maldives Complete
  Maldives Complete also doesn’t do boats in its profiles or ‘Best of’ reviews. I’ve shied away from getting into the whole ‘Live Aboard’ segment of Maldives holidays because, like Guest Houses , I’ve never been on one so I wouldn’t know which criteria...
Best of the Maldives: Open Room – Conrad Maldives Rangali
Published 2 March 13 6:1 AM | Maldives Complete
“Conrad beach rooms open on all four sides. What a difference to a/c. The outside comes in. Lovely sleep under the silent fan.” A pavilion in your villa. The weather and surrounding are so idyllic and perfect that the biggest downside to a...
Best of the Maldives: Long Stay – Gili Lankanfushi
Published 17 January 13 3:41 AM | Maldives Complete
If all you need to relax is one treatment …the Maldive environment around you and you want as much of it as possible, many of the super premium resorts feature the rather grand room (well, ‘suites’) of ‘Residence’. Gili...
Best of the Maldives: Room Height – Paradise Island / The Haven
Published 12 December 12 4:12 AM | Maldives Complete
Check out the post the time on this entry. How cool is that? Looking for something to mark this unique moment of ‘12’, I’ve chosen Paradise Island’s Haven Suite doors which are 12 feet tall. So are the showers. The drench showers...
Best of the Maldives: Villa Windows – Kuda Huraa
Published 26 October 12 11:30 AM | Maldives Complete
    The World is Ready! For Windows! That’s the tag line (one of them) for Windows 8 launching today around the world. My Facebook page and Twitter feeds are packed with former Microsoft colleagues whooping with delight at their new release...
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Best of the Maldives: Adventure Villa – Banyan Tree Madivaru
Published 15 October 12 2:45 AM | Maldives Complete
      The soft coverings at Banyan Tree Madivaru aren’t just in the villa, but *are* the villa. Their unique ‘Tented Pool Villas’ a sort of sombrillas on steriods The luxury tent is one of the ultimate in sumptuous adventure. My wife and...
Best of the Maldives: Fresh Air Villas – Gili Lankanfushi
Published 2 October 12 1:9 AM | Maldives Complete
    It’s all about the fresh air. Breakfast by the water, morning snorkel/dive, lunch on the deck, lounging by the pool, stroll around the perimeter of the island, sunset pina colada, dinner on the beach, reading on the porch/deck, lying down...
Best of the Maldives: Desert Island Villa – Maafushivaru
Published 4 August 12 7:27 PM | Maldives Complete
      Billionaire for a Day. Maafushivaru’s neighbouring desserted island Lonubu evoked a billionaire’s paradise to me, one you could experience yourself for a night, from a number of different perspectives… “ Buying their own islands ...
Best of the Maldives: Water Villa Two-Tier Pool – Iru Fushi
Published 6 July 12 12:52 PM | Maldives Complete
Iru Fushi puts the ‘Water’ in ‘Water Villa’ with its eponymous ‘ Aqua Retreat’ which features a two-tier pool. In the new Maldives Complete ‘ Room Profile’ has number of rooms and whether there is a pool...
Best of the Maldives: All Suite – Jumeirah Dhevanafushi
Published 3 July 12 11:56 AM | Maldives Complete
While many islands are diversifying their room types , others are focusing on certain categories. When I first started Maldives Complete, there were essentially 4 types of room categories – apartments, beach villas, water villas, and suites. Jumeirah...
Best of the Maldives: Closest Water Villa to House Reef – Club Rannalhi
Published 11 May 12 11:33 AM | Maldives Complete
    Livin’ on the edge. If that’s for you, but instead of the edge of land above the water you want to be on the edge below the water (and if Dhevanafushi’s Ocean Pearls are a bit to pricey or you don’t want to be detached from the main island...
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