Best of the Maldives: Octopus – Jumeirah Dhevanafushi
Published 1 March 15 4:50 PM | Maldives Complete
    Probably the most elusive of the Snorkel Safari Big 5 to bag is the master disguise, the Octopus. My wife’s and my favourite sightings are octopus. We had spotted several on our dives, but hadn’t seen one on a resort house reef for over...
Best of the Maldives: Snorkel Bag – Huvafenfushi
Published 25 February 15 9:3 AM | Maldives Complete
It’s fashion and freebies all around this week – London Fashion Week , The Oscars…You can’t swing a snorkel bag and hit some a designer frock and some decadent swag. And the resorts are equally generous with their toiletries and...
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Best of the Maldives: Colourful Uniforms – W Retreat
Published 22 February 15 3:30 PM | Maldives Complete
     London Fashion Week is in full sashay, but on the more tropical catwalk, the trend setting resort W Retreat is leading the way with a recent revamp of its own staff fashions. The colourful uniforms were designed by Tahir Sultan (thanks...
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Best of the Maldives: Tai Chi – Soneva Fushi
Published 19 February 15 12:52 PM | Maldives Complete
    Happy Chinese New Year!  2015 ushers in the Year of the Goat.  According to Chinese tradition, people born in the goat years are calm and gentle, just like the Maldives.  To herald its arrival, try some of the ancient art...
Best of the Maldives: Champagne Opening – Anantara Kihavah Villas
Published 18 February 15 10:58 AM | Maldives Complete
     When she (or he) says ‘yes’ it’s time to crack open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. And Anantara Kihavah Villas own underwater wine cellar offers that literally cracking option with its fizz. For an action demo of the technique, check...
Best of the Maldives: Proposal Coaching – Conrad Rangali Maldives
Published 14 February 15 8:49 AM | Maldives Complete
    Happy Valentines Day. The epicentre of romance in the annual calendar. As such, one of the most popular days for people to propose. And with the Maldives being the geographical epicentre of romance, when the two combine expect big things...
Best of the Maldives: Intraceuticals – NIYAMA
Published 12 February 15 9:32 AM | Maldives Complete
Many visitors come to the Maldives to feel the fresh clean air on their skin. NIYAMA spa’s new “Intraceutical” treatments now provide that the therapeutic effect of that air…under the skin. The announcement describes… “Revolutionary for oxygen treatments...
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Best of the Maldives: Sun Spa – One & Only Reethi Rah
Published 10 February 15 7:7 AM | Maldives Complete
Spas offer all sorts of ways to relax with soothing heat – sauna, Jacuzzi, steam bath, hot stone massage. But the most popular therapy in the Maldives is outside any spa – the sun. One & Only Reethi Rah has actually created a special spa...
Best of the Maldives: Snow – Velaa
Published 8 February 15 1:40 PM | Maldives Complete
    Snow in the Maldives! Not the most surprising weather forecast ever, but the innovative spa feature at Velaa resort. When it comes to spa treatments, most people think heat – steam bath, sauna, hot stones. While heating soothes, it is the...
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Best of the Maldives: Bath Salts – Park Hyatt Hadahaa
Published 6 February 15 7:23 PM | Maldives Complete
  “ The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea .” - Isak Dinesen You can add Park Hyatt Hadahaa’s “Vidrun” (meaning “to shine” in Dhevehi) spa to that list. Their treatments incorporate a selection of special salt and herb blends...
Best of the Maldives: Bath TV – Ayada
Published 4 February 15 11:44 AM | Maldives Complete
When I’m not in the Maldives, my two relaxation havens are (a) in front of the TV, and (b) in a hot bath. But if you are in the Maldives, then you can have the relaxation trifecta with both looking over the somnifacient seas of the Maldives at Ayada...
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Best of the Maldives: Snorkelling Guide – Jumeirah Dhevanafushi
Published 2 February 15 9:40 AM | Maldives Complete
      On Groundhog Day today, I hope you spot more than your shadow in the Maldives. My whole Snorkel Spotter development stemmed from wanting more help for guests to know where to focus their hunting. Before I came up with it, I always...
Best of the Maldives: Fish Guide – Atoll Editions
Published 31 January 15 5:56 PM | Maldives Complete
    Speaking of spotting things in the Maldives , one of the obligatory resources for any avid snorkeler or diver is a good fish guide. They come in books, but one of the popular variants is the “ Fish Identification Card .” A handy piece of...
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15 (More) Things I Haven’t Seen Yet in the Maldives – Part 7
Published 28 January 15 5:24 AM | Maldives Complete
Despite all of the things that the Maldives does have , the list keeps growing of the things that the Maldives inexplicably just doesn’t have (yet). Yes, it’s time for instalment #7 (see links on bullet titles for more details)… “...
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8 Things Maldives Leads the World In
Published 26 January 15 2:44 AM | Maldives Complete
An update to “ Maldives, the Best Of ” for Maldives National Day adds several new items. For a country so small, it sure commands a big number of superlatives. Not surprisingly, most concern its uncanny natural beauty and the throngs of visitors...
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