Maldives Tour 2015 - Day 8: Centara Ras Fushi
Published 4 August 15 11:41 PM | Maldives Complete
The “sweet spot” resort. Centara Ras Fushi sits right where so many Maldives aficionados are crying out for – affordable price, good house reef, convenient to Male, fine diverse food, AI available, well maintained, intimate island, and...
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Maldives Tour 2015 - Day 7: Sun Siyam Iru Fushi
Published 3 August 15 3:16 PM | Maldives Complete
    Your waterworld adventure starts from the very arrival at Sun Siyam Irufushi’s extensive welcome jetty. The overwater boardwalks fork, one heading to the over-water dive center and the other to the bustling arrival jetty with its dual seaplane...
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Maldives Tour 2015 - Day 6: Velaa
Published 1 August 15 6:28 AM | Maldives Complete
This is the resort I’ve dreamed about. Anyone who says they have seen it all in the Maldives, hasn’t been to Velaa . I’ve been writing “ Things I Haven’t Seen Yet in the Maldives ” for four years where I highlight those...
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Maldives Tour 2015 - Day 5: Zitalhi Kudafunafaru
Published 31 July 15 1:54 AM | Maldives Complete
Sometimes good things do come in big packages. Big resort, big villas, big common areas, big house reef, big (well, gargantuan) beach. The key thing that is not big about Zitalhi Kdafunafaru is the price. Actually, the island itself is moderately sized...
Maldives Tour 2015 - Day 4: Coco Palm Bodu Hithi
Published 28 July 15 10:56 AM | Maldives Complete
“ Stick to the classics and you can never go wrong .” – Alexa Chung More Mayfair than Soho. More Connaught than Crazy Bear. More Corrigans than Balthazar. Coco Bodu Hithi skirts the trendy chic in favour of timeless elegance. It’s...
Maldives Tour 2015 - Day 3: JA Manafaru
Published 26 July 15 3:43 PM | Maldives Complete
Don’t let anyone ever tell you that there is nothing to do in the Maldives. If they do, send them to JA Manafaru . It’s like a no boredom zone in paradise. They have a wide range of the typical activities from water sports to tennis, fitness...
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Happy Maldives 50th Anniversary
Published 25 July 15 11:58 PM | Maldives Complete
Great to be able to spend the Maldives semicentennial in the Maldives itself. So many come to the Maldives to celebrate their own milestone special occasions (coincidentally, Lori and I celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary ourselves tomorrow), it’s...
Maldives Tour 2015 - Day 2: Hideaway Beach
Published 25 July 15 2:55 AM | Maldives Complete
And in this corner, challenging for the title of Best Maldives Resort in the 5-Star weight class, wearing the black-and-white brand colours - Hideaway Beach . Not the best resort in the Maldives. Not the “best” of the super-premium “5...
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Maldives Tour 2015 - Day 1: J Resort Alidhoo
Published 23 July 15 4:35 PM | Maldives Complete
After last year’s visit to the Maldives’ southernmost (big) atoll, Gaafu Alifu / Gaafu Dhaalu (Addoo aka Seenu is further south, across the Equator even, but it is quite small), this year we’re first off to the other extreme to its northernmost...
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Maldives Tour 2015 Take Off
Published 22 July 15 6:22 PM | Maldives Complete
      Our 14th trip to the Maldives and my 6 th Tour and before I’ve even arrived I have experienced a few “firsts”… 1 st Transfer Flight to Maldives –When I first started visiting the Maldives, the tour operator flights on Monarch Airways...
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36 TIHSYINTM (Things I Haven’t Seen Yet in the Maldives) #8
Published 20 July 15 9:35 PM | Maldives Complete
    “Wedding Paddleboarding”. I guess that’s something coming to the new resort The Patina Thanburudhoo (according to the picture taken from its placeholder home page above). I’m packing my final items for our 6 th Maldives tour starting in...
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Best of the Maldives: Marine Biologist – Verena Wiesbauer
Published 15 July 15 11:33 PM | Maldives Complete
When I first started coming to the Maldives, a few marine biologists kicked around the atolls usually on their own initiative maybe working on some research project. Now, every self-respecting top-fight resort has its own staff “MB” to provide...
Best of the Maldives: Above Water Protected Area – Four Seasons Kuda Huraa
Published 14 July 15 4:3 AM | Maldives Complete
QI Question of the Day: "In what type of landscape is the Huraa Marine Protected Area found?" A: The ocean? QI: <BUZZ> No, the Huraa MPA is a mangrove swamp found o the Huraa island in the North Male atoll. Think all “Marine Protected...
1000+ Dive Sites
Published 12 July 15 9:11 AM | Maldives Complete
    This week I crossed the 1000 dive site mark – 1077 to be precise. Thanks so much to the many dive centres and marine biologists who have helpful shared their knowledge and material with over the past weeks me to allow me to consolidate it...
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Best of the Maldives: Underwater Wine Cellar – Anantara Kihavah Villas
Published 10 July 15 7:47 AM | Maldives Complete
The Maldives oceans harbour treasures of all sorts. The vibrant house reef of Anantara Kihavah Villas hosts a trove of colourful gems from sparkling beauties to full-bodied crimson rarities. And you don’t need to get wet to view these treats. As...
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